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Credit Unions and Payroll Schemes – what are they and what are the benefits of joining one?

16m people in the UK have savings of less than £100 according to a study carried out by the Money Advice Service. Have you got enough money saved to pay for Christmas this year?  Would you have enough money to repair your car if it broke down? People are finding it even harder to put […]

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Universal Credit arrival leads to loan shark warning

With Universal Credit having now been introduced in a lot of areas in Wales and imminently in others; ensuring that the perpetrators of illegal money lending do not prey on the most vulnerable in our societies is becoming even more important. Universal Credit is a single monthly payment for people in or out of work, […]

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Facing challenges collaboratively in Anglesey and Gwynedd

As we face the challenges due to austerity measures and cuts in public funding, it has become even more apparent that we need to work closer together. Working in partnership and collaboratively to tackle local issues is key to ensuring those who most need support receive it. From the changes to the welfare system and […]

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Event asks ‘Poverty – what’s it got to do with me?’

Last week I attended an event that looked into the issue of tackling poverty in Wrexham. It was called ‘On the Breadline’ – ‘What’s poverty got to do with me?’  It was an opportunity for frontline staff and managers, who help people in poverty, come together to network and share good practice, and to make […]

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Rhian speaks of pride at providing support in Welsh

In my role as the North Wales Financial Inclusion Champion, at the Wales Co-operative Centre, I was recently asked to deliver an awareness-raising session in Welsh on behalf of the Conwy & Denbighshire Financial Inclusion Together project. It was a pleasure to deliver the session to frontline workers who, on a day to day basis, […]

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