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Exit with pride, profit with purpose – Have you sorted out your business succession plan yet?

Written by David Madge, Social Business Wales – Find out more about succession options at our seminar on May 24th 2018 Nearly 75% of welsh business owners haven’t planned for the future transfer of their business. Many business owners in Wales see the growth and nurture of their businesses as a long-term commitment and devote […]

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SAFER INTERNET DAY 2018- Create, Connect and Share Respect

Written by Shannon Williams, Marketing Intern at the Wales Co-operative Centre and student at University of South Wales Safer Internet Day aims to create a safer internet and a better internet where everyone can be safe and empowered online. Safer Internet Day is about teaching everyone to use technology responsibly, respectfully and critically. A better […]

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Community shares expert urges us to ‘own the enterprises that serve you’

As part of today’s Twitter takeover for the Community Shares Wales project, we’re sharing a Q&A interview with Jim Brown, who is a Strategic Adviser to the Community Shares Unit (CSU). Jim has been working in the sector for 15 years; he is also author of the Community Shares Handbook and designer of the Community […]

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The Dog-ged determination needed to make community shares work

As part of today’s Twitter takeover for the Community Shares Wales project, we’re sharing a guest blog post from Dave Hollings of Co-operative and Mutual Solutions. Dave has advised 36 completed community share issues over the last 15 years, raising £6 million of shares often topped up with other forms of finance. He has specialised […]

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A million reasons to celebrate the first year of Community Shares Wales

By Carly McCreesh, Project Manager, Community Shares Wales Well, what a quick year that was! It only feels like yesterday when we were drudging along the wet fields of Riverside Market Garden, joined by our launch guests and celebrity friend Michael Sheen. A lot can happen in a year, and like any new project the first […]

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A day in the life of the Community Shares Wales Project Officer

As part of today’s Twitter takeover by the Community Shares Wales team, Claudia Limpert gives us an insight into her average day as Project Officer. 9am: Get in and check emails, usually a whole mixture of things – discussions among other practitioners debating accounting practises for societies (my cue to go and make my first […]

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Newport venue brings talk of community shares into ‘the public space’

A week before our special Twitter takeover for the Community Shares Wales project, we’re sharing a guest blog post from Gary Inight of Le Public Space – a live music and arts venue in the centre of Newport, which has recently opened with support of the project and a community share issue. If you live […]

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Is Employee Ownership the Golden Ticket?

On Roald Dahl Day, we discuss what Willy Wonka should have done with the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl is one of my all time favourite authors; I’ve loved him since I was a little girl. I have many fond memories of my brother and I sitting on our parents’ bed in our pyjamas, enraptured, as my […]

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