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Why the Wales Co-operative Centre is supporting Financial Capability Week

When 40% of adults say they are not in control of their finances and a further four in ten have less than £500 in savings, its clear the UK is facing a financial capability crisis which requires a collective response. That is why we are supporting Financial Capability Week. The campaign is designed to highlight […]

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Affordability vs vulnerability – the social impact of policy reforms….

Rachel Roberts the ‘Your Money, Your Home’ Financial Inclusion Officer for Anglesey has contacted me, to tell me about a tenant she has recently worked with…… “I initially contacted the tenant as he is on the Council’s safeguarding list, which means the housing element of his benefits are paid direct to the landlord. At our […]

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The vulnerable nature of under 35s living in shared accommodation in the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Shared housing can be problematic for both working tenants and those claiming benefits. Putting a group of strangers together and hoping they will get along is risky.   A new tenant moving into an established shared house can change the dynamics, mixing younger and older tenants, same sex or not, again can be problematic. In the […]

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Role of Citizens Advice in combating debt and poverty cannot be underestimated

Last Friday I attended the annual public meeting of the Caerphilly & Blaenau Gwent Citizens Advice Bureau (CBG CAB), and what an enlightening morning it was.  I thought I knew a lot about CAB’s in general but I was amazed to hear the volume of work that this one has undertaken in the past year: […]

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Christmas debt and mental health

From Kieran Towler, Project Co-ordinator, Gofal Christmas is a time for cheer, presents and family times; this alone can be difficult for people suffering with poor mental health. Christmas brings its own challenges and anxieties which we all feel, but added to this there is the feeling that this should be the “best Christmas ever” […]

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Planning is the key to avoiding Christmas debt

From Jan Channing, Caerphilly & Blaenau Gwent Citizens Advice Bureau Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, but can also be one of the most expensive. It’s all too easy to overspend and with tempting offers and pressures to buy, you can easily give yourself a headache in January with bills […]

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Make your money go further by reviewing how you spend and save

Looking at how you spend and save can make a significant difference to your bank balance and lifestyle – even the smallest of changes, writes Chris Kay, chair of North Wales Credit Union. Spending sprees are fun at the time, but the consequences can last years and none of us want to face an eternity […]

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Prioritise your rent this Christmas season

So now that the Halloween costumes have been packed away for another year, and the fireworks have all been let off, we see the aisles of our shops filled with tempting offers on food and gifts. E-mails galore with tempting sales, 50% off, and every other ad we see on telly is showing us just how […]

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Report offers new perspective on Wales’ Private Rented Sector

Last week the Public Policy Institute for Wales published a report on The Potential Role of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in Wales. If you have an interest in housing then it’s worth a read.  Whilst highlighting the rapid growth seen in the PRS the report also alludes to some of the complexities faced in […]

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Revised Financial Inclusion Strategy for Wales

Do you think financial inclusion plays a key part in tackling poverty? Are you interested in seeing a cohesive and collaborative approach to financial inclusion across Wales?  If so, then now is the chance to have your say. This week saw the launch of the Welsh Government’s consultation on Refreshing the Financial Inclusion Strategy for […]

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