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Social care project working to break mental health and poverty cycle

The Wales Co-operative Centre is currently running its fourth annual Tackling Poverty Fortnight campaign. The campaign is demonstrating a number of ways in which the Centre is helping to reduce poverty through the projects it runs, the businesses and organisations it supports and the people who are the end beneficiaries of that support. Today we […]

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Merry Christmas from Care to Co-operate!

As the office winds down for the Christmas holidays the less frantic atmosphere provides the space to reflect on the past few months – it’s been phenomenal! If you want to know more read our first Care to Co-operate Newsletter published late last week. One of the challenges the Care to Co-operate team will be […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 7 of 7

Social Business Wales is here to help. 11. The role of social businesses in delivering the Act The Act provides the framework to expand the range of not-for-profit service models thereby increasing the diversity of provision available and tapping into the creativity that exists in our communities to help people achieve their well-being, focusing on […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 6 of 7

10. What else you should know about the Act: Direct Payments and Procurement of public services Direct Payments The new Act encourages the expansion of direct payments making the system available to more adults, children and carers. For the uninitiated, direct payments enable people who are assessed to have care and support needs to receive […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 5 of 7

9. Further routes into the Act: Co-production and Information, Advice and Assistance services Co-production The concept of co-production sits high up in the whole new approach to care and support laid out in the Act and refers to a way of working whereby practitioners and people work together as equal partners to plan and deliver […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 4 of 7

8. Where to get in on the Act III: Part 9 of the Act – Co-operation and Partnership and the emerging Regional Partnership Boards You will have noticed the increasing reference to ‘local authorities and their partners’ and to ‘partnerships’. Part 9 of the Act concerns arrangements for local authority co-operation with relevant partners and […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 3 of 7

6. Where to get in on the Act 1: The population assessment The purpose of the population assessment is to identify the range and level of services required to meet and prevent the care and support needs of the population, and the support needs of carers. The assessment must also identify: Extent to which those […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 2 of 7

The Act, well-being and social businesses – what it is and what’s in it for my business? 4. Well-being: What it is and why Well-being underpins the whole system of the new Act. It does this by linking early intervention and prevention services to promote and realise people’s well-being. Information, advice and assistance services to […]

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“Getting Social Businesses in on the Act” – Part 1 of 7

Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act – New market opportunities for Welsh social businesses 1. Preamble Social Business Wales exists to support social businesses to grow via strategies focused on developing products and services, diversify into markets and through collaboration. Its Market Development Advisers specifically look for opportunities to help our clients access new markets […]

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Future growth markets – Community owned renewable energy generation

The fourth market to feature in our short blog series about social business innovation and the sector’s future growth markets is renewable energy generation and, crucially, a community’s ownership of the scheme. This is achieved through co-operation and co-operative working. In Wales, the Welsh Government has identified the potential to increase renewable energy by ten-fold […]

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