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Co-operative housing, deliverable at all scales

After attending the UK’s first ever Community-led Housing conference in London at the end of November I was astounded by the enthusiasm and passion in the room. There was a real buzz amongst the speakers and delegates, especially as the Housing and Planning minister announced the relaunch of the Community Housing fund; it certainly seems […]

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A Day in the Life Of…A Co-operative Housing Advisor

As part of the Co-Operative Housing Twitter takeover day, I wanted to give everyone an insight into the average day of a Project Advisor. 9am. Arrive in the office after battling Monday morning traffic on the M4. Lots of chatter in the office and discussions about weekend adventures. Time to catch up on emails, mainly […]

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First impressions in co-op housing will stay with me

I often find it difficult to explain to people what I do. I work in housing but I don’t allocate tenants new homes, don’t collect rent, and don’t manage people’s tenancies. Explaining that I work in co-operative housing encourages even more blank faces and endless questions… – What is co-operative housing? – Is that eco-friendly […]

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