Life as a marketing intern at the Wales Co-operative Centre

We recently said goodbye to Shannon Williams, who had completed a ten-week internship on our marketing team, as part of her degree course with the University of South Wales. We share her story here…

“Throughout my time at the Centre I was busy doing various things within the marketing team, working 9-5 four days a week, while having university work to do when I got home. This is supposed to show a work life balance.

When I came to the Wales Co-operative Centre, I was given something to do straight away and met people around the office which was great, as I got a feeling of being an actual employee instead of someone on work placement.”

During Shannon’s stay, she participated in the co-op lunches that we hold on a monthly basis, one of which marked Time to Talk Day, which looked at mental health in the workplace.

“These activities show that staff at the Centre want to work together to become better in what they do by being true to their values. For example, by knowing the ins and outs of someone’s illness or disability, or just making something for the co-operative lunch, shows that the organisation does care about its staff. It’s not the case in many organisations that you can speak to anyone about how you feel and what’s happening in your life, but this comes easily here. There is no divide between bosses and staff, but instead they are all one.”

During her Internship, Shannon worked on a wide range of things that would apply to any member of the marketing team, such as organising the Centre’s presence at events, staffing exhibition stands and promoting events through Eventbrite and Mailchimp.

“When I was at the Centre I learnt a lot about what the organisation does, even though I could only cover so much ground in ten weeks. There are so many projects going on there and I would love to learn more about the organisation in the future.

The people on the marketing team were great at helping me and were understanding regarding my university work commitments. Having someone that trusts me enough to give me some of their work and expect me to do it to a high standard is amazing, especially when the whole team felt that way about letting me take over some work if they had a lot on their plate. Having people from the other projects trust me was a very big deal, as I wasn’t expecting this much trust in me. This made me feel like I could do anything and had a free run to put my creativity into it.

The Community Shares Wales team was nice enough to let me help out, and gave me feedback throughout to make sure I was on the right track with the style and language on the event I was helping them to promote. This sense of trust really helped my confidence and made me feel like I was part of the team, as I could do as much as the others in the department.

Going to events to shadow the marketers was another thing I liked as you get to see how people handle the press, and organise events that include them.

Overall, my time at the Wales Co-operative Centre has been busy and full of life, making it a great place to work for the last ten weeks. The community that is set up in the office is a breath of fresh air and gives a sense of belonging to whoever comes in.”


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