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How to work in partnership in a housing co-operative

From Vicky Watts – Old Oak Housing Co-op – Carmarthen My experience was that we were going to build a co-operative scheme and had to find the interested members through recruitment. Our development (construction) process began some time before we recruited the members; Welsh Government had offered funding, Carmarthenshire Council took it on, earmarked a site, […]

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Co-op and Mutual Housing: Wales Leads the Way

Co-operation as a concept and movement came early to Wales and historian Alun Burge has charted its origins from the mid 1800s on. This included a co-op set up by the Chartists in the 1840s and the Cwmbach Society, modelled on the Rochdale pioneers, set up in 1859 and enduring for over a hundred years. […]

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