Economic Action Plan


In December, Welsh Government launched their ‘Prosperity for All: Economic Action Plan’. . It sets out Welsh Government’s plans to increase wealth and well-being through inclusive economic growth. The main points are summarised in our blog. We’re running a consultation on the Action Plan during our workshops for social businesses in February in  in Swansea and Llanrwst. We’re looking to gather feedback on:

  • Does the economic action plan provide enough direction for the social business sector in Wales?
  • In terms of accessing financial support directly from Welsh Government, do you think the application process will work for the sector?
  • In terms of the Foundation Sectors highlighted,  are the four sectors highlighted the right ones? Are there any key sectors missing?
  • How do you think the sector can support the development of the foundation economy and build on the work of the Welsh Co-operative and Mutuals Commission?
  • Have you any views on the new regional strategy, how can we strengthen the sector within the regions?
  • How can the sector influence procurement policy to help it grow, for example could we promote “reserved contacts” more?

If you can’t make the workshops but would like to feed in your thoughts, please email Ceri-Anne at the Wales Co-operative Centre.

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