Care to Co-operate case study: Cartrefi Conwy Housing Association

Care to Co-operate is helping establish a transformative co-operative partnership in Llandudno and Llanrwst, formed by three distinct groups: an older people’s tenant committee, Cartrefi Conwy housing association and private care providers. This co-operative partnership gives the tenants an equal and equitable role in future decisions about support services they receive.

The tenants committee represents older people who are tenants of Cartrefi Conwy’s Independent Living Schemes. To date, partnerships have only involved the private care providers, the housing association and the local authority that together have directed care and support services for the tenants – but not with them.

Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act

The Social Services and Well-being Act encourages new co-operative partnerships that include the citizen, placing people who use services in control of service design and delivery. Its vision for more sustainable and effective services will be achieved when the people who require care and support, and the people who provide care and support, work closely together. Involving people in the decisions about their services and asking them ‘what matters?’ delivers a double dividend for their well-being.

Role of Care to Co-operate

Care to Co-operate is providing support to the older people to form their own committee. In turn, it is working with the tenants committee and the housing association to form a new partnership, which is underpinned by co-operative values and principles. The group of citizens form a partner organisation which will participate in a democratic decision-making process. Through co-operation, older people now have an equal say in choosing their own care, support and well-being outcomes, including planning and co-ordination.

Claire Shiland, Head of Neighbourhood Services

“Care to Co-operate has made real the opportunity of a joint support and care service and created further prospects for social care co-operatives, which could open up more opportunities for tenants.”

If you would like to come and chat to find out more about the work of Care to Co-operate and the clients we are currently supporting, we’re at the National Social Services Conference in Llandudno this week. Just pop along to stand 23 and say hello!

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