Tackling Poverty Fortnight 2017

Levels of poverty in Wales are unacceptable. Approximately 700,000 people live in poverty in Wales, which is almost 1 in 4 of us, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

At the Wales Co-operative Centre we are widely recognised for our work supporting co-operatives, social enterprises and employee owned business. We are perhaps less well known for the work we do to do reduce poverty. We run a number of projects, for example supporting people to get online, enabling people to apply for the benefits they are entitled to and to access jobs.

For the last few years we have co-ordinated a Tackling Poverty Fortnight initiative as a way of promoting efforts to reduce poverty. Today is day one of Tackling Poverty Fortnight 2017. There are many agencies working on this agenda and over the next two weeks we seek to share information between organisations about what works, to improve co-ordination and spur on others to take action.

It is a critical time in Wales for efforts to reduce poverty. Welsh Government is considering the future of Communities First, there is a debate about what the City Deals will do to benefit the whole of their region, and Brexit may mean there is an uncertain economic outlook for at least the next few years.

During Tackling Poverty Fortnight we will be publishing blogs about a variety of different schemes. We will hear from the Fern Partnership about the importance of quality childcare in providing opportunities for local families and in creating jobs in Ferndale. Another piece will tell the story of one of the Wales Co-operative Centre’s projects that is helping to prevent people losing their tenancies. By supporting people to manage their money, this simple intervention is preventing people being forced into homelessness.

We hope you find the blogs we publish over the next two weeks to be interesting and informative.  If you are involved in work to reduce poverty in Wales or elsewhere and have lessons to share that might benefit others, please get in touch.

You can join in the conversation for Tackling Poverty Fortnight on our Twitter account, @WalesCoopCentre, and through the hashtag #PovertyInWales.

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